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Making Lights Smarter with A.I.

Making Lights Smarter Ever sat at a traffic light and wonder why the hell it is taking forever to switch over to green? We all have been there and it does get really bad when there isn’t a light sensor installed at the particular stop. Don’t mention if you own a motorcycle because you might […]


Off-roading Lights with RAZIR™ 50″ Curved LED Light Bars


RAZIR™ 50″ Curved LED Light Bars Available Now! Here it is! We listened to you guys and now the 50″ curved LED is available online. Just in time for Fall and off-roading season. We know that compatibility is very important with your ride so we have teamed up with Rago Fabrication to offer custom mounts. There […]


The 12 Basic Items Every Off-Roader Should Have


12. Affordable items to have for every off-roader. Winter is coming! Well, eventually but for now we can be excited for the best season ahead!  This means off-roading season is here for most and we want to make sure you are ready with this list of items you should have. Most of these items are obtainable […]


2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD All Terrain X is a BEAST!!


Meet the newest 2017 road beast! We love big trucks  it must be in our blood or something because we want to feel the power of the engine roar as we rip through the dirt paths. Luckily,  if you love to drive big trucks and often dream about taking it off road as much as […]


Tips and Tricks with RAZIR™ LED Strips

Tips and tricks of using LED strips for the interior of a car Weather you have owned a car with LED lights already installed in the interior or you have seen one on the street with an interior that is lit up in one color or another, you probably have thought how cool that looks […]


RAZIR™ Engine Bay Kit


RAZIR Engine Bay Kit Ever wonder how you can show off your engine bay at the next car meet? Now you can with our exclusive engine bay kit to bring out the awesome in your ride. RAZIR LED Engine Bay Kit Set the Standard with 3-into-1 RAZIR-Colors™ advanced technology LEDs that are 300% brighter than standard […]


Join the EXTRA Club

What is the EXTRA Club? The EXTRA Club is a way for us to show our customers appreciation. We want to provide a place for our customers to receive amazing customer service, 1 on 1 help, perks and information on the latest and greatest. It doesn’t cost a penny but you do need to sign […]

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Labor Day 2016

Labor Day Sale 2016


RAZIR™ LED Grille Lights for Cars and Trucks


Fire Up Your Grille with LED Lights We are proud to announce the latest RAZIR™ LED products to the automotive lighting market. Add style points to your cars or trucks and you will have another grille to tell your friends about! When you roll up to the next car or truck meet, be ready to […]


From Stock to Show Car: 2008 Honda Civic Si Sedan


From All Stock to All Show 2008 Honda Civic SI Hi my name is Orry and I drive a 2008 Honda civic si sedan.  I have had the car for almost 3 years and it is my favorite build I’ve done to date. The car was purchased to be a simple daily driven fun car. Told […]