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The Busy Person’s Guide to Helpful Auto Websites

Man Planning to Rent a Car on the Internet

Owning a car comes with responsibilities that we all have to take care of from time to time. With so much information at our fingertips, it’s easy to get lost in data overload — and who has time for that? Here’s a quick list of automotive websites to refer to when the time comes to […]

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Featured Guest: Freddy from PoorManMods


Featured Guest of the Month Recently, we connected with a gentleman by the name of Mike AKA Freddy, from PoorManMods. At that time HIDextra was launching a new product and we wanted a talented car enthusiast that could help us relay the message across his channels. Lets learn a little bit more about who Mike […]


The Truth About HIDs

Dodge Ram with HIDs

Think You Know Everything There is to Know About HID Headlights? Think Again!     So you’ve heard about HID headlights, and you’re wondering “Are HID’s right for me?” It may be because you have some questions that haven’t been answered yet, and we bet they’re pretty common ones. Below are five misconceptions about HIDs. […]


Easy Guide: RAZIR LED Headlight Installation for Toyota Prius


Razir LED Headlight Installation for Toyota Prius Note: The car being used is a 2012 Toyota Prius with factory halogen headlamps. Please call customer service to check on the correct bulb sizes before every purchase for your vehicle. Step 1: Make sure your car and headlights are turned off. Step 2: Remove the old headlight. There should […]


Product Launch: Motorcycle HID and LED Kits


Motorcycle Kits Are Here! We are pleased to announce that we now offer a full line of HID and LED kits for your motorcycle … Introducing our RAZIR motorcycle LED headlight kit, the latest in headlight technology with LED added to HIDs for visibility and output. RAZIR motorcycle LED headlights are a total game-changer. Even […]


Top 10 Iconic Movie Cars


Sometimes a movie is “made” by the actors or the special effects, but sometimes it’s a non-human element that leaves an impression on us. While only one movie on this list is about a car specifically (can you guess which one?), most of them feature at least one particular car very prominently. We’re not going […]

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Mods Center: Best Car Modifications


Best Car Modifications What would you do if you had an unlimited amount of money to fix up your car? Would you make it go as fast as possible, or just add style and flares for look? How about speed and style combined? Here are some modifications that may break the bank, but you know you’ll […]


Featured Ride of the Month: Fresh_WRX


2014 Subaru WRX Hatchback Over the course of the year we have sold many HID kits to customers around the country, and recently added LED headlight kits to our product line as well. Today we will be featuring one of our customers who has a great social media presence with his Subaru WRX down in San […]


How to Get the Most Money for Your Old Ride

Car keys over dollar banknotes

While most people cannot imagine living without a car, buying a car is generally a losing proposition. Unless you’re investing in that rare classic automobile that you can sell for a hefty profit at the Barrett-Jackson auction, it’s an asset that loses value rather rapidly. However, there are things you can do to increase the […]

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The Battle of HIDs vs LEDs

Jewel LED

HIDs or LEDs? Have you thought about upgrading your old yellow looking halogen lights on your car or even debating if you want the newest technology? Well, hopefully this article will help you decide on what to do with your Honda Civic or that fancy Lexus that you didn’t opt in for the HIDs or […]