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Fall Giveaway: Win RAZIR LED Headlights


RAZIR LED Highligts HIDeXtra has been a leader in aftermarket headlights since 2008. We design and manufacture our own line of HID (Xenon) and LED lighting (including off road lighting, interior & exterior lighting, and headlight housings) for both cars and motorcycles. Our commitment to quality products and outstanding customer service is unmatched in our […]


How F1 Racing Changed the Car You Drive


Formula 1 racing pushes automotive technology to its limits and affords many the fantasy of driving a super-fast, super-sexy race car, if only from the comfort of your living room. While not as popular in the U.S. as NASCAR, Formula 1 attracts an audience of 500+ million worldwide. Drivers like Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, and […]


Upgrade Your Car’s Interior Lighting with RAZIR LED


Why You Need to Upgrade Your Interior Lighting with LED Are you bored of the yellow-toned lights in your car cabin? Does it look dark every time you open a door? If you answered yes to either of those questions then it is time for you to get some new LED upgrades for your car interior. […]


HIDeas: Top Tailgating Must-Haves


Tailgating season is here! Are you ready to have your best one ever? It’s easy when you’re prepared, and HIDeXtra is here to help!   Plan Ahead Checklist, please! Think of what you’ll be doing at the event and make a list of everything you’ll need to take, from food and drinks to utensils, plates, […]


Off Road at Night Like a Boss


Off roading is a popular activity among truck and SUV drivers, but driving off into the darkness without proper lighting is never a good idea. By definition, “off road” driving indicates driving that is done on unsurfaced roads like riverbeds, mud, sand, rocks, and other natural terrain, usually without the benefit of street lights. Not […]


Round 1: HID vs. LED Headlights Video Comparison

LEDs or HIDs

HID Lights vs. LED Lights Comparison There have been many customers asking us what the differences between HIDs and LEDs are and how they compare visually. Now, we have an answer for everyone as our good friend Ian, a/k/a Fresh WRX, recently put together a comparison video. First, let’s go over some important info before […]


The Busy Person’s Guide to Helpful Auto Websites

Man Planning to Rent a Car on the Internet

Owning a car comes with responsibilities that we all have to take care of from time to time. With so much information at our fingertips, it’s easy to get lost in data overload — and who has time for that? Here’s a quick list of automotive websites to refer to when the time comes to […]


Featured Guest: Freddy from Poor Man Mods


Featured Guest of the Month We recently connected with a gentleman by the name of Mike, a/k/a Freddy, from Poor Man Mods. At the time, HIDeXtra was launching a new product and we wanted a talented car enthusiast that could help us relay the message across his channels. Let’s learn a little bit more about […]


The Truth About HIDs

Dodge Ram with HIDs

Think You Know Everything There is to Know About HID Headlights? Think Again!     So you’ve heard about HID headlights, and you’re wondering “Are HID’s right for me?” It may be because you have some questions that haven’t been answered yet, and we bet they’re pretty common ones. Below are five misconceptions about HIDs. […]


Easy Guide: RAZIR LED Headlight Installation for Toyota Prius


Razir LED Headlight Installation for Toyota Prius Note: The car being used is a 2012 Toyota Prius with factory halogen headlamps. Please call customer service to check on the correct bulb sizes before every purchase for your vehicle. Step 1: Make sure your car and headlights are turned off. Step 2: Remove the old headlight. There should […]