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What Makes a Great HID Ballast?

Let’s start off with this fact – All HID lights require a ballast, this is the most important piece of equipment if you want your fancy new HID bulbs to work properly. What does a ballast do? First, the ballast provides  the voltage needed to start the lamp then it regulates the current while the lamp […]


What are TIPM Resistors and do you need them?

What are TIPM Resistors and do you need them? TIPM (Totally Integrated Power Management) is essentially the electrical brain of many Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles on the road today. TIPM distributes and controls the power to ensure all of a vehicle’s electrical components are functioning to factory standards. These electrical components include headlights, day […]


What to Look for When Buying an HID Kit?

Are you in the market for your first HID kit? Do you know what to look for and what to expect? Are you buying from a store online or from some shady seller off Craigslist? Don’t worry, we are here to help you through this process and tell you exactly what to look for when […]


Best Automotive Lights of 2015

2015 was a great year in the automotive industry with new technology we could only have imagined in the movies. Autonomous driving cars, hand gesture lights and dash, Auto-pilot electric cars and many more that are only getting better for consumers. Lighting technology also improved in visibility and functionality. HIDEXTRA will always be one step […]


12 Days of Bundles

Christmas Shopping Made Easy with Our Gift Bundles HIDextra will be offering 12 bundles for 12 days leading up to Christmas. Each bundle for that day will be discounted heavily so do not miss out. We will run the bundle that day for 24 hours or until we run out of bundles. If you want […]


Automotive Bulb Guide for Cars

Automotive Light Bulb Guide We made it easy for everyone with our automotive light bulb guide showing you where our light bulbs can be installed in your vehicle. Keep in mind that not all cars will use the same bulb types so make sure to check your owner’s manual for the exact fitting. HIDextra offers […]


Fall Giveaway: Win RAZIR LED Headlights

RAZIR LED Highligts HIDeXtra has been a leader in aftermarket headlights since 2008. We design and manufacture our own line of HID (Xenon) and LED lighting (including off road lighting, interior & exterior lighting, and headlight housings) for both cars and motorcycles. Our commitment to quality products and outstanding customer service is unmatched in our […]


HID vs. LED Headlights Video Comparison

HID Lights vs. LED Lights Comparison There have been many customers asking us what the differences between HIDs and LEDs are and how they compare visually. Now, we have an answer for everyone as our good friend Ian, aka Fresh WRX, recently put together a comparison video. First, let’s go over some important info before […]


The Truth About HIDs

Dodge Ram with HIDs

Think You Know Everything There is to Know About HID Headlights? Think Again!     So you’ve heard about HID headlights, and you’re wondering “Are HID’s right for me?” It may be because you have some questions that haven’t been answered yet, and we bet they’re pretty common ones. Below are five misconceptions about HIDs. […]


Product Launch: Motorcycle HID and LED Kits

Motorcycle Kits Are Here! We are pleased to announce that we now offer a full line of HID and LED kits for your motorcycle … Introducing our RAZIR motorcycle LED headlight kit, the latest in headlight technology with LED added to HIDs for visibility and output. RAZIR motorcycle LED headlights are a total game-changer. Even […]