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How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Spring

Riding season is here for most of us and it is time to get your motorcycle out from storage. Before you want to hit the road, you should go over this checklist to make sure your bike is ready. You don’t want to get dampered by a dead battery or one of the fluid is […]

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DR650 LED Headlight Conversion from HIDextra with REX4x4

We have a new video up for our RAZIR LED headlights. Our friend REX 4×4 did an install on his DR650 motorcycle to show us how easy it was for him and included a comparison of his new LED headlights versus his old halogen lights. You will see a huge difference in this video. Take […]


RAZIR 7″ Projector Headlight

NEW RAZIR 7″ Projector Headlight Introducing the newest addition to the RAZIR LED family. We are changing the look and performance of your Jeep and Harley Davidson with the latest LED projector headlights. The RAZIR-7 retrofit kit comes with everything you need to switch to the completely modern and powerful RAZIR-7 LED lighting system. RAZIR […]


Best Automotive Lights of 2015

2015 was a great year in the automotive industry with new technology we could only have imagined in the movies. Autonomous driving cars, hand gesture lights and dash, Auto-pilot electric cars and many more that are only getting better for consumers. Lighting technology also improved in visibility and functionality. HIDEXTRA will always be one step […]


12 Days of Bundles

Christmas Shopping Made Easy with Our Gift Bundles HIDextra will be offering 12 bundles for 12 days leading up to Christmas. Each bundle for that day will be discounted heavily so do not miss out. We will run the bundle that day for 24 hours or until we run out of bundles. If you want […]


Product Launch: Motorcycle HID and LED Kits

Motorcycle Kits Are Here! We are pleased to announce that we now offer a full line of HID and LED kits for your motorcycle … Introducing our RAZIR motorcycle LED headlight kit, the latest in headlight technology with LED added to HIDs for visibility and output. RAZIR motorcycle LED headlights are a total game-changer. Even […]