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New Design, more power, and new tech for the 2018 Ford Mustang

Even though we just barely started 2017, it doesn’t hurt to think about the future for the newly designed 2018 Ford Mustang. The Mustang is getting a makeover from its exterior sleeker design with aggressive lighting style to its interior 12-inch wide full digital instrument cluster. Whatever it may be, the 2018 Ford Mustang will be a […]


RAZIR™ BackBone Beam is the Brightest and Most Durable LED Tailgate Bar

What is better than a bright LED tailgate bar for your vehicle? The answer is a brighter, more durable, and feature-rich LED tailgate from RAZIR™. They have taken their successful LED Tailgate and made it 7x brighter and added new features to the bar. Here are some reasons why these lights are better in every way! […]


Is this the new Toyota Supra?

The New Toyota Supra is almost here! Spy photos are the best, no not those ones you sicko. We are talking about automotive spy photos and nothing else so get your mind out of the gutter! This time around we have photos of the new Toyota Supra replacement super-car. Let us know what you think […]


Badass Chevy Colorado ZR2 is here!

Meet the 2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Better late than never as some may say and this came in time to go up against other major players in the pickup segment. Two years later, Chevy is releasing their diesel-powered, off-roading Colorado pickup. The 2014 concept looks identical to the production truck with a power bulge on […]


2017 Ram Power Wagon to Compete Against Others!

How much are you willing on the new 2017 Ram Power Wagon? Hold your breath…starting price tag is only $53,015 with some options added. Keep in mind that other comparable trucks can reach the $60k price tag with options. It will come down to what you need (or want) in your ride. Let’s break it […]


Making Lights Smarter with A.I.

Making Lights Smarter Ever sat at a traffic light and wonder why the hell it is taking forever to switch over to green? We all have been there and it does get really bad when there isn’t a light sensor installed at the particular stop. Don’t mention if you own a motorcycle because you might […]


Off-roading Lights with RAZIR™ 50″ Curved LED Light Bars

RAZIR™ 50″ Curved LED Light Bars Available Now! Here it is! We listened to you guys and now the 50″ curved LED is available online. Just in time for Fall and off-roading season. We know that compatibility is very important with your ride so we have teamed up with Rago Fabrication to offer custom mounts. There […]


The 12 Basic Items Every Off-Roader Should Have

12. Affordable items to have for every off-roader. Winter is coming! Well, eventually but for now we can be excited for the best season ahead!  This means off-roading season is here for most and we want to make sure you are ready with this list of items you should have. Most of these items are obtainable […]


2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD All Terrain X is a BEAST!!

Meet the newest 2017 road beast! We love big trucks  it must be in our blood or something because we want to feel the power of the engine roar as we rip through the dirt paths. Luckily,  if you love to drive big trucks and often dream about taking it off road as much as […]


Tips and Tricks with RAZIR™ LED Strips

Tips and tricks of using LED strips for the interior of a car Weather you have owned a car with LED lights already installed in the interior or you have seen one on the street with an interior that is lit up in one color or another, you probably have thought how cool that looks […]