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What Makes a Great HID Ballast?

Let’s start off with this fact – All HID lights require a ballast, this is the most important piece of equipment if you want your fancy new HID bulbs to work properly. What does a ballast do? First, the ballast provides  the voltage needed to start the lamp then it regulates the current while the lamp […]


Best Automotive Lights of 2015

2015 was a great year in the automotive industry with new technology we could only have imagined in the movies. Autonomous driving cars, hand gesture lights and dash, Auto-pilot electric cars and many more that are only getting better for consumers. Lighting technology also improved in visibility and functionality. HIDEXTRA will always be one step […]


The Difference Between Halogen, HID, and LED Bulbs

Remember when HID lights were introduced to the automotive crowd? The beautiful bright white light coming from high intensity discharge bulbs replaced the ugly yellow-emitting stock halogen headlamps that almost every vehicle had. As time passes, technology advances with better, longer lasting lights for everyone. The automotive industry started with halogen bulbs, as they were […]


What Car Experts Think of HIDeXtra: The Matt Jones Story

What Car Experts Think of HIDeXtra: The Matt Jones Story HIDeXtra has been on a quest to discover what top car experts think of our product.  So we partnered up with Matt Jones, Senior Editor from Edmunds.com and got his take. Matt is a longtime retail guy and now he writes about the retail experience […]